About Frank

< Quick Intro/>

My name is Frank Pagano and I'm a junior web-developer based in Tampa, Florida.
Beside coding I love working out and living a healthy life-style. I have a passion for road trips! Oh Yeah! Put me in a convertible car and I'll drive it coast to coast, stopping by in each town and admire our beautiful country!

< Areas of Expertise/>

Back in the days I started coding with Turbo Pascal and I totally fell in love with it. Nowadays I love developing applications using PHP/MySql solutions. I can design and manage Databases using native MySql language or Doctrine, develop PHP applications using object-oriented programming and develop light front-end interfaces with Ajax requests and other Javascript techniques!

My projects always have two important features in mind:
security and best practices!

Languages, SQL and Styling

Frameworks, CMS and Libraries

< My Skill Set/>

  • WordPress
  • WP Plugins
  • Symfony Applications
  • Javascript / JQuery
  • PHP / MySQL
  • HTML / CSS
  • Apache Server
  • Linux Ubuntu